Jaquaylah Taylor

Session #4: Climate Change, Environmental Justice, and Our Community

Jaquaylah Taylor is a second-year graduate student studying Public Policy at The Truman School of Public Affairs in Columbia Missouri. Growing up Jaquaylah always knew she wanted to help people and had a huge heart for justice. She started to learn about the food deserts in lower income communities and it sparked a passion inside of her. Jaquaylah decided to get a degree in Sustainable Agriculture in hopes of helping develop sustainable communities. She invested her time in many organizations to further her knowledge. Jaquaylah became the Vice President for Projects of Sustain Mizzou where she organized different Columbia events such as Tiger Pantry and the E-waste Program. As a McNair Scholar, Jaquaylah researched Informal Food Distribution in Urban Communities. This research helped her realize there was a need for change. Jaquaylah decided to intern for the Kauffman Foundation to bridge the gap between urban youth and black business owners in Kansas City. Currently, Jaquaylah is working on community outreach for Quail Drive where she’s gathering information to see how climate impacts the health of the community.

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