Hope Schust

Session #3: The Young and the Activist

Hope Schust is a 17 year old senior at Rock Bridge High School who plans to pursue a career in Physical Therapy. She is also a dance teacher at Jabberwocky Studios, and a food delivery driver. She is involved with a number of movements for social justice including: LGBTQ rights, prevention of gun violence, and dismantling of racism. She supports these movements through her slam poetry, dance, and financial contributions. Hope has enjoyed participating in the MId-Mo chapter of the national Louder Than A Bomb poetry competition for two years, and has shared her views on the effects of gun violence on America’s youth, the pressures of social conformity, and the threat of global warming alongside her team. Hope believes she will always be able to do more and looks forward to a future where she and her peers will continue to make a difference.

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