We are an innovative Institute, strategically creating diverse and inclusive communities through multi-dimensional collaboration, education and engagement.




The Institute uses multicultural learning opportunities to educate others on various areas of diversity; including unconscious biases, world religions, diversity & inclusion, and difficult dialogues. Additional training are available upon request.


We serve to provide expert advice to business leaders with steps to increase diversity awareness in the workplace, as well as in our communities.

Community Engagement

We encourage philanthropy and partnerships on both the corporate and nonprofit level, to bring about positive outcomes within our community.

Leadership Development

Leadership development expands on the abilities of professionals of color in the community through programming facilitated by other professionals of color sharing similar experiences.


The Future of Columbia

"As a resident, community member and leader in the Columbia area, I am committed to doing the work to help our area become one where inclusion and respect is the norm."

—Nikki McGruder, Director

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For additional information on services we provide, please contact nikki@inclusiveinstitute.org