Inclusive Impact Institute (III) Program Coordinator

Job Location

On Site


Inclusive Impact Institute

Type of Job

Full Time

Published Date

August 31, 2020, 5:00:00 AM

About the position

The Program Coordinator of the Impact Institute, dba Inclusive Impact Institute is responsible for implementing the strategic plans and policies established by the Board. The Program Coordinator reports to the Board of Directors of the Impact Institute, and engages and coordinates the Advisory Council in program implementation.

  • Maintains corporate and legal existence of the agency and gives it continuity.

  • Create, implement and support community programming.

  • Establish and cultivate positive relationships with community organizations.

  • Initiate and maintain funding sources through sponsorships, grants and donations.

  • Continuously monitor and identify opportunities for diversiy and inclusion enhancement within the community.

  • Responsibly oversee agency fiscal operations.

  • Stays current on pending or existing legislation that may impact the company and conveys the information to the Board of Directors and other stakeholders as appropriate.

  • Presents to the Board of Directors timely management reports to assist them in their decision making process.

  • Remain current on various areas of diversity and inclusion.

  • Perform other duties as assigned.

To apply, please email resumes to



  • Leadership skills.

  • Quantitative and analytical decision making skills.

  • Strong interpersonal communication skills (written and verbal).

  • Ability to motivate and encourage a high-performing diverse team.

  • Effective communication and conflict resolution.

  • Adaptable to change and shifts in priority.

  • Thrive in a highly cooperative work setting.

  • Exemplary customer service skills.

  • Skilled in maintaining confidentiality.


  • Knowledge of laws and regulations affecting diverse populations.

  • Nonprofit experience preferred.

  • Experience in Diversity and Inclusion and/or Human Resources is desired.


  • Skilled in public speaking and effective presentation.

  • Proficient in basic computer technologies, appropriate for an internet-based company.

  • Availability to attend events and trainings outside normal business hours.

About us

At Inclusive Impact Institute, we’re committed to creating diverse and inclusive communities. Our curriculum reflects this commitment, as well as the diverse backgrounds and cultures of our instructors and participants alike.

We offer an unmatched variety of events, experiences, and programs, created for individuals or groups of all ages and academic levels. Browse our site to learn more, and get in touch if you have any questions.